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College & Career

While preparation for post-secondary endeavors is focused on in the last year of school, this preparation begins much earlier. To ensure that students have sufficient time, guidance, and resources to make their best decisions, pre-university counseling begins at Grade 9. This early introduction to life after VMA gives students a head start in achieving their academic aspirations.

Our college counseling philosophy is simple: help students understand who they are and what they want to do so that they can find a university that will be the best fit academically, socially, and financially. The more students understand who they are and what they want to do, the better able they are to recognize the colleges where they will learn and thrive.

Every student is different. With different interests, academic needs, talents, and personalities, it is impossible to prescribe one “best” school to which all students should apply. We recognize the individual needs of students and personalize a plan to help them select and gain acceptance to the university that is the best fit.

Our college counselor has many years of experience and remains current on changes and trends in the college admissions world. As such, the college counselor serves as a resource who can answer, or find answers to, any question that may occur during the application process. The college counselor is here to help each student succeed in the journey to college.

Each year, VMA hosts representatives of colleges and universities from across the country. Students and parents can view a list of scheduled college visits by logging into their SCOIR account. Students also use SCOIR to sign up for and attend any college representative meetings.
College representatives wishing to schedule a visit at VMA must do so using SCOIR. Representatives can click the button to sign up for SCOIR.