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Counseling Curriculum

Our Guidance Counselor, Mr. Walter Ingram, is dedicated to ensuring a personalized student experience as they navigate the college admissions process. The mission is to help students find the university that is the best fit academically, socially, and financially. The curriculum includes:

9th Grade
  • Weekly guidance lessons during 1st semester focuses on the transition into high school
  • One to one family meetings creating individualized high school road maps for each student to achieve postsecondary goals


10th Grade
  • Classroom guidance lessons focused on career exploration to help students narrow down their career interests
  • Focus on valuable career readiness skills and demonstrate skills in a mock interview
  • Opportunities to participate in our formal job shadowing program
  • Updates to individualized high school road maps as needed


11th Grade
  • Provide guidance to all junior families on how to develop an effective standardized test strategy plan to achieve target scores
  • Comprehensive college planning guidance in Junior College Planning Seminar
  • 1-1 Junior meetings with all families to provide individualized college planning for each student
  • Update individualized high school road maps as needed


12th Grade
  • Ongoing support for students/families during the application process


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Ingram at [email protected].